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Idioms – in any language – can lead to hilarious laughter or confused looks, when they are translated literally into another language. That’s absolutely sausage to me. From his partner’s confused look, followed by a loud chuckle, I concluded that she also understood the German meaning. While some idioms can be understood with a little imagination, others are impossible to guess. And as no. Here are 12 German idioms that you may not be familiar with. Idiom : Don’t get bent out of shape, don’t be a sorehead! Literally : Don’t play the offended liverwurst! Explanation : Someone goes off in a huff and sulks because his feelings were hurt.

High German consonant shift

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Academic journal article Renaissance Quarterly. For Emperor Maximilian I of Habsburg as for other Renaissance archeologists it was very often not solid knowledge but illusions and error that fired the imagination, overturned received ideas, and initiated critical thinking about the past. Maximilian, German king from and Holy Roman Empero from , took a precocious interest in the collecting and display of old artifacts. He launched vast self-monumentalizing projects involving inventive uses of replication technology.

But Maximilian’s creativity, which provided direction for some of the outstanding artists and scholars of the time, was predicated on a peculiar understanding of what monuments were and what they told about the past. His archeological enterprise cannot be disentangled from his strange notions about ancient European history. Maximilian collected old artifacts, but without observing any of the distinctions that modern historical thought draws between ancient and medieval, or between sacred and secular.

He researched the Germanic past enshrined in epic poetry as well as the imperial Roman past. And he was not content merely to establish a monumental record of the past: he wanted to join the record by fabricating his own material evidence. Maximilian’s attitude toward the past was not passive but highly participatory.

As a result his piety for antiquity was unevenly distributed. Johannes Enen, a cleric in Trier, reported in his Medulla Gestorum Trevensium of that Maximilian once test-fired a cannon at an ancient building in Trier.

Maximilian I as Archeologist*

Also on CD! Many attempts have been made to create German country music. We researched on the original: German songs from America in ancient times, when banjo and fiddle were still being played to the rhythm of steam boats and trains. We investigate the earlier cultural passages between the Old and the New World. We scout out the legendary New World in facts and fantasy, showing how America was germanized, long before they americanized Germany.

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Sometimes epiphanies come in pairs. In April of this year, on different days in different places, I happened to taste two American dry Rieslings of vastly more than routine interest. Each pushes the dry Riesling envelope in a distinctive way, with surprising results that I report here. Visibility aside, kegs can be advantageous when sulfur has been excluded from winemaking; not only are keg wine sold through quickly, but inert gas automatically replaces wine as the latter is removed, avoiding oxidization.

The rest of the lot was bottled conventionally. My notes: Aromas of lemon and straw. A cornucopia of citrus, pear, apple and melon flavors on the palate is punctuated with sabers of minerality. A combination of malolactic conversion, long lees contact and abundant ripe acid creates rich texture, tension and a long bone-dry finish. This wine is persistently exciting from first sniff to last drop.

My notes on the classic cuvee follow: Macerated yellow flowers and yellow plum buttressed with citrus pith and a tense structure, and delicious, and a friendly This wine has nothing in common with the Stirm except that it is exciting, and pushes the envelope for dry Riesling. Hooper personally farms for Methven the vine rows used for Elwedritsche and other Rieslings; he insists on this, so that he can grow grapes as he wants them for his wines.

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Anyone who does not know the Palatinate cuisine yet has to adjust himself for a partly solid cooking. The reason why the Palatinate cooking is so solid is among other things that most of the recipes were invented in times of crises accompanied by hard physical labor. Thus, in such times when nourishing food should give the body enough power fast and effectively.

Potatoes, pork, kraut, onions, leeks and spring onions are the most favorite and most commonly used foods of the Palatinate cooking. In general they rather use seasonal vegetables of the relative region. The most known Palatinate dish is probably the Saumagen.

Several drafts of earlier dates appear in the first two speed as not to injure the adjoining country. nisch, the Pfalzisch, and the Schwabisch, and some.

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The Conrad Yoder Mystery Solved. Don Yoder. Hello, Yoder cousins of North Carolina and the wider South! Yes, the mystery man of your ancestry, the elusive Conrad Yoder, has been found, identified, and placed in the European and American Yoder network. After a century or more of unavailing search for Conrad by North Carolina kinsmen, in particular Col. This is how it all happened.

Be patient and you will get the full and exciting details. Let’s go back sixty years in my own research career. On that first visit I paid my initial respects to the little town of Mussbach where an important international land-transfer was made in see details later. I met the mayor, Dr. Sartorius, owner of the principal vineyard, and acquired a taste for the local wine, Mussbacher Eselshaut, which I have never lost!

And Mussbach, as you will soon learn, is an important waystation in the life of Conrad Yoder.

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