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Read more Do you want better fights? More Fights? Better Pay? Are you tired of seeing your record not be correct? Would you like access to promoters and sponsors nationwide? Would you like better matched fights? Accurate info about fighters?

Monday Matchmaking Post UFC 250 Discussion

Despite having a record in the promotion, Yair was relieved from his contract much to the surprise of the MMA community. Sonnen opened up about how UFC matchmaking works and said that refusing two back to back fights is a move that should be avoided by the fighters. He has to make sure, maintaining the integrity of his company, that guys are fighting the right guys.

Now, this is the UFC policy. This is not a law of any kind, but this is a policy that is explained to all of the guys on the roster from the beginning. You will be called [with] an offer to fight.

This week we’re giving you some theoretical matchmaking for when we return to UFC normalcy. ‘Gumby’ gives you his pick for the right challenger in every.

In , the UFC decided to stop other MMA outlets from telling the world how fighters should be ranked, and instead decided to release their own official list for every weight class. Fans from all over the world now regularly flock to the official UFC rankings , which are updated about 36 hours after every card.

However, with official rankings being available, fans are quick to point out discrepancies between who the UFC books in high profile fights and what the rankings tell us. For example, Nick Diaz and Chael Sonnen and Anthony Pettis have all been booked for title fights in divisions where they are not the No. It is obvious that the UFC will continue their history of booking what they think is best for both fans and the organization, regardless of what the rankings denote.

We are not here to say that the UFC is wrong for this decision. However, here is a look at the pros and cons of ignoring official rankings when matchmaking.


Yoel Romero’s title In recent decades, boxing’s worst sins began driving fans away from all but the biggest fights. The fights fans wanted to see too often failed to materialize while many of the sport’s best fighters stood across the ring from unworthy challengers and sanctioning body mandated contenders. Add to Chrome.

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The release of Yair Rodriguez from the UFC turned out to be a huge shocker for the fans. Despite having a record in the promotion, Yair.

You can find the first three pieces in the series here. This matchmaking piece features a cross-promotional fight between two confident bantamweights, a throwback fight which would have been money and a fight between a world champion boxer and a former bantamweight champion. First of all, what a fight this could be. A combined record of with both men being under the age of 26, they are both talented.

He has legitimate knockout power, as he showed on the contender series in He is also a purple belt in jiu-jitsu and can handle himself on the ground. He has headlined events twice and been then co-main event a number of times. Only once has he tasted defeat but has bounced back since with three consecutive wins. Why this fight would be such easy matchmaking is because these two men are both confident, brash and talented.

The build-up to this one would be something to keep us entertained and the fight between these two talented young fighters would be sure to hit the heights expected. They realistically could have competed against one another. Unfortunately, the stars just never quite aligned for this to happen. If I had to choose a victor, I would slightly lean towards Liddell.

So You Want to Be a UFC Matchmaker? Here’s Your Chance

Now that UFC president Dana White is back in Las Vegas after a frantic three-cards-in-eight-days stretch in Jacksonville, Florida, he said the promotion will turn its attention to the future during a matchmaking meeting Tuesday. The first order of business likely will be filling up the cards on May 30 and June 6, although the locations are still to be determined. White said if Nevada doesn’t relax its pandemic-induced guidelines enough to allow him to hold cards at the Apex facility on the UFC’s campus, he’ll move the May 30 event to Arizona , which has welcomed back pro sports.

Shelby was the lead matchmaker at the WEC when the organization merged with the UFC, where he was handling the matchmaking duties for.

In the 19 years since Dana White assumed control of the UFC, the promotion has booked some of the biggest fights and biggest fighters in the history of the sport. White admitted that negotiations were happening between Fedor and the UFC back in , but there were a myriad of problems that came during the talks, including M1-Global wanting to co-promote any fights the the former PRIDE champion appeared on. We were right there.

When I was talking about doing the big Dallas, Texas, stadium show? It was going to be Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko. It actually went well. It went well, and Brock wanted to fight Fedor. Once negotiations between both sides fizzled, Lesnar entered into his first MMA retirement and signed to return to the WWE in , while Fedor ended up working with M1 Global and then Bellator where he still fights.

Yoel Romero’s title shot at UFC 248 reflects changing standards in UFC championship matchmaking

In recent decades, boxing’s worst sins began driving fans away from all but the biggest fights. The fights fans wanted to see too often failed to materialize while many of the sport’s best fighters stood across the ring from unworthy challengers and sanctioning body mandated contenders. In steps UFC, taking advantage of boxing’s stumbles, in large part by providing high-quality matchmaking and going by Dana White’s own slogan of “the best fight the best.

Inside the Octagon, with all but a few exceptions, champions faced challengers who had earned their shot and built up the “better than boxing” argument while boxing was sticking Jean-Marc Mormeck in the ring with Wladimir Klitschko and pretending the fight was anything other than a farce. Can’t get enough UFC?

The UFC, Dana White, and Halle Berry have teamed up to offer a unique prize to the winner of a charity raffle – which includes the opportunity to.

An injury to Weidman changed everything. Michael Bisping stepped in , put Rockhold on his back and sent the middleweight division into a chaos it has yet to recover from. As Rockhold prepares to step into the cage for the first time since that loss, facing David Branch at UFC Fight Night on Saturday in Pittsburgh, the state of the pound division troubles him. Once held by longtime champions Anderson Silva and Weidman, the middleweight belt has become a point of contention ever since Bisping won it.

His first title defense came against thenyear-old Dan Henderson, who was ranked No. Bisping picked up a close decision win at UFC in his hometown of Manchester, England, but has yet to fight since despite a long line of middleweights ready to take him on. It was a gift for Bisping, and I think that fight was given to him as a local favor. Whittaker now holds an interim belt after beating Romero and should be next up for Bisping, but a knee injury has him out for the foreseeable future.

As hard as it was to come in and get a fight, I think it would be easy enough for him to pull out. Things got testy between the pair in the build-up to UFC , where Rockhold stopped Weidman in the fourth round. Since, Weidman suffered two additional losses, both by knockout, before rebounding with a submission victory over Kelvin Gastelum at Nassau Coliseum in July.

By Ryan Gerbosi ryan.

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Nichole Castillo began matchmaking back in when all the underground fights got shut down and the sanctioning of fights began. Her jobs for the first event involved setting up the ring girls, getting the ring yes, a ring because no cages were anywhere , making posters and tickets to print and designing the setup. The company she first worked with was IFBL.

Castillo now matches for five regional promotions and has remained in the matchmaking business for 15 years.

Francis Ngannou, and helping the UFC matchmakers. play. Where will UFC’s next events be held? ().

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I owe it to the champions. Of course there are so many things that go along with that, but I’m trying to find out just who is the absolute best in the world. Not only that, but who is second best, third best, fourth best, and so on.

Some of her other matchmaker credentials include Bellator MMA, KOTC, IT Fight Series, NAAFS Cage Fighting, Gladiators of the Cage, USFFC.

Business as usual has been the statement of Zuffa since purchasing Strikeforce a couple of months back, but a few changes have taken place within the organization, including the matchmaker position. According to several MMAWeekly. Shelby was the lead matchmaker at the WEC when the organization merged with the UFC, where he was handling the matchmaking duties for the smaller weight classes alongside longtime UFC matchmaker Joe Silva.

Strikeforce had used a few different matchmakers over the years, but primarily Bob Cook and Rich Chou handled those duties. It appears as of now that both have been let go by Zuffa and Shelby has stepped in to handle the job on a day-to-day basis. Shelby will now take over the matchmaking duties and has reportedly been on the job already building the upcoming cards for Strikeforce Challengers as well as planned Strikeforce events this summer.

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MMA Legend Pat Miletich boasts XFC’s matchmaking ability